25 Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Camping with children can be a great time. I often find that their curiosity adds to my own adventure. Other times finding an activity to keep them occupied and engaged is important. Here are 25 fun camping activities for kids that are sure to entertain


Painting and Crafts

Mud Painting 

fun camping activities for kids mud paint

From LearnPlayImagine.com, This activity iss messy and a little obnoxious and delightfully fun. What makes this great for camping is that the mud and food coloring will wash away and not harm the environment. Be careful what you paint because the food coloring will leave a stain.

Just mix the ingredients until the paint reaches a good consistency

  • mud
  • food coloring
  • A few drops of Dawn dish soap (helps the paint spread easier)
  • Water
  • heavy cardstock
  • paint brushes


Face Painting

This is an easy and fun way to pass a few hours while enjoying the outdoors.

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Here’s a great tutorial on how to paint  a butterfly


And another one on how to paint a dinosaur


Art on the Lawn

This idea from callmemamaleisha.com involves a spreading out an old white sheet on the grass and painting it.

fun camping activities for kids art on the lawn

You can use disposable bowls to hold  fabric paint and sponges for brushes. If needed you can use rocks to hold down the corners

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Preserve Leaves

fun camping activities for kids leaf pictures

This is one of the easier crafts on the list and can fill up an afternoon between the  searching for the perfect leaves for the project.

Spread Mod Podge completely over leaves on a piece of construction paper. When it dries clear you will have a perfectly preserved leaf picture to remember your trip.

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Ice Boats

fun camping activities for kids ice cube boats

This idea only works if you can keep ice frozen until you are ready to use it.

Using toothpicks and construction paper to make a sail then freeze  into an ice cube. You can either sail these boats on a nearby lake or create your own tin foil stream like they suggested on readingconfetti.com

If you are sailing these in a body of water be sure to get the toothpick and paper when you are done so birds or fish don’t get it and harm themselves.


Creating a Map

Here’s a chance to chart  the unexplored campground. Using colored pencils and a piece of white or tan construction paper have the kids make their own map of the area.

If you travel and camp a lot with the kids you can create a map book of all the places you go.

Camping Bingo

Right Click to save and print these bingo cards from momgineer.blogspot.com. First one to cross of an entire line wins! After that go for the Blackout.


Treasure Hunt

Just like a an Easter Egg hunt, but you can replace the eggs with whatever treasure you choose.

Here’s a list of possible Treasures for you

  • Toy Soldiers
  • Marbles
  • Hot Wheel Cars
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Pez Dispensers
  • Checkers
  • Dominoes
  • Action Figures/Dolls
  • Barbies


Scavenger Hunts


  • The Alphabet List

The thing I love most about this game is that it can last the entire trip and if the kids find themselves bored at any point they can slip right back into the hunt

Give each child or team a list with the letters A to Z listed out with a space next to them.

The object is to find items for each letter. Whoever  has the most items listed at the end of the trip wins.

  • Sound Found

Using a recording device like a phone ot tape recorder, each team sets out to record as many different sounds as possible

  • Nature Hunt

Find as Many different types of  Leaves, Flowers, tree bark as you can.
If you need it. http://www.plantguide.org/ has a extensive guide on plant life


Nature Explorer Kit

Kara at thejoyofboys.com came up with this great idea  for a Explorer kit for kids, The set includes a docrated jar for catching bugs and paper binoculars with a backpack to carry them . Of course, adding more  items to the kit allows for fun and creativity

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Classic Outdoor Games

  • Hide and Seek

The Classic game where one person is chosen to be “it” and closes their eyes while  counting to twenty as the other kids hide. When the Counting is done whoever is “it” finds the other kids. Whenever he finds a hider, they help him find the other kids

  • Kick the Can

A slightly different version  hide & seek.  A empty Pop can is placed at a centrally located spot. After the Designated  “it” in this game counts and everyone else hides,  “It” then tries to find everyone. If a person is tagged by “it”, they go into a holding pen for captured players. If one of the un-captured players manages to kick the can, the captured players are released. The game is over once all the non-“it” players are in the holding pen.

  • Tag

Another classic. One player is chosen as “it” and attempts to touch the other players while they run and try to avoid getting tagged. When a player is tagged they become it.

  • Freeze Tag

Just like regular tag, one player is it. When a player is tagged they are frozen in place and can only be unfrozen by another player tagging them. The player who is “it” wins by freezing all the other players

  • Red Light/Green Light

One player is designated the Light. The rest line up on the other end of a field or designated area. The attempt to touch the light but can only move when the light says “Green Light”, or they can move really slow when “Yellow Light “ is called, but they must stop when “Red Light” is called. The first player to cover the distance of the field wins and becomes the light.

  • Simon Says

The player designated as SImon calls out any action by  saying “Simon Says __________” . The other players must do this action. Simon tries to trick the players into doing an action while not saying “Simon Says”. If a player gets tricked, they are out until  the next round. The last player playing the game is the next Simon.

Board and Card Games


fun camping activities for kids bananagram

This is a fun word game based o creating words out of a set number of tiles. You can either purchase the original or if you are a bit crafty you can create a giant version of this like one on contantlylovestruck.blogspot.com

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Classic Card Games

fun camping activities for kids wilderness playing cards

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A simple deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment and helps teach young minds to count and organize thoughts. Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Chase the Ace are examples of the classic games. 52pickup.net has a great list of games with instructions on game play



camping games for adults uno

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This classic is great for almost any age. Match  the colors or numbers and the first one to discards their entire hand wins

Exploding Kittens

fun camping activities for kids exploding kittens

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New to the market, exploding is a fun game with even funnier cards. In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of the game — unless that player has a Defuse card, which can defuse the Kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the Exploding Kittens.


fun camping activities for kids sorry

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This is a simple game without too many pieces.  Perfect for camping. The strategic game of sweet revenge has had an upgrade with new rules and pieces but I still prefer the classic version


fun camping activities for kids jenga

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Steady hands win this fun game where you pull put blocks from the tower while trying to avoid the eventual crash that ends the game