Deciding what to wear on a mud run can be a tough challenge, especially if you are to to the world of Obstacle Course Racing. To make is a bit easier we’ve picked a few of our favorite “Best Mud Run Clothes” that have been consistently  recommended from top authorities on obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and Bonefrog.

What are the Best  Shoes for a Mud Run Obstacle Course Race?

This is probably the most important decision you can make as far as your gear is concerned. If something goes wrong with your shoes the remainder of your race will be miserable. There are a few things to  look for when buying shoes.

The most important thing?

They cannot hold onto  excess mud or water.

Imagine running the race with a 5lb weight at the bottom of your shoe.

You also want a good shoe for trail running. The ground will probably be uneven and rocky so a shoes that is designed for that type of terrain is best.


Inov-8 MUDCLAW™ 300

The current Favorite is the Inov-8 MUDCLAW™ 300.  (Note: this is a unisex shoe. Several women suggested ordering 1 ½ sizes smaller to accommodate for proper sizing)



I was extremely pleased with their performance. Most of the course was steep, wet, loose dirt or mud covered, up & down hills. The traction was incredible. It was the difference between road tires & off road mud tires on a vehicle. I was able to keep footing on steep hills ascending & descending, on wet grass, loose dirt, & mud” – D. Williams

Second pair in a row, perfect for Spartan races. The treads are basically cleats, and water pushes right out the material.” –Thomas

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What’s the Most Important Thing When Looking for a Mud Run Shirt?

The first rule of Mud Run Clothing is NO COTTON! The Second Rule of Mud Run Clothing is  NO COTTON!

Here’s Why:

Cotton will soak up all the water and mud and you will be carrying it with you for the entire race. Ever go swimming with a t-shirt on? How much heavier was that shirt after it got wet?

You’re going to want a shirt that the water and mud will slide right off of. In general you’ll want to look for a shirt that is 100% polyester or blended with other synthetic materials. Whatever shirt you decide on make sure it’s features boast that it will keep you dry.

What brand is recommended more than the rest?

When it comes to trusted names it doesn’t get much better than Under Armour

Under Armour Women’s Tech Twist V-Neck



Perfect shirt. Fits great , comfortable breathable fabric. I have it in two colors and wash and wear them quite a bit and they look just like new” -Lori

I have four of these shirts and absolutely love them! They work great for all-day wear and hold up very well during my sweaty weightlifting sessions (1.5-2 hours long). My favorite feature of these shirts would have to be their ability to make you appear less sweaty than you actually are” -Hazel

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Under Armour Men’s Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt



My shirt is always dry shortly after my workout. Previously my shirts were soaked and I’d have to remove them before leaving the gym. These are mostly dry by the time I get to my car. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who works out regularly! “ -Atredes

The shirt held up well and didn’t weigh me down like most cotton shirts do. It’s lightweight and breathable “ -Josh

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Best Shorts for a Mud Run

We’ve all had that embarrassing moment when we are getting out of a pool and our swim trunks don’t want to come with us.

Here’s the thing:

This will happen x10 on a Mud Run. You’ll be getting in and out of pits full  of muddy water, crawling on the ground, and scaling over obstacles all day long.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Wearing shorts that don’t sag or slip down at all is a must. Also, as with the shirts, there is no cotton allowed! A well fitting swim trunk can serve well here. I prefer the kind with the drawstring that you can cinch into place.

Remember if you have anything that can soak up fill with  mud or water it probably will so beware of pockets that don’t close.

Men’s Nike 7″ Challenger Dry Running Short



I wanted a pair that had pockets and was relaxed enough to be comfortable. These met all those qualifications. Have worn them on several runs and they are exactly what I wanted” – Joseph

“These are my favorite running shorts. lightweight, comfy liner, pockets, simple design…highly recommend”

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Nike Women’s Tempo Shorts



I have ran over 10 marathons and 23 half marathons in these shorts, they last for years” – Laura

“Nike shorts are always great. The price was great on amazon so I bought them here instead of a big chain store. They were perfect and I wear them all the time.” – Rebecca

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Obstacle Course Race Socks

I don’t think I need to say it again, but just in case someone missed it before, No Cotton in the Mud Run.

Synthetic compression socks are the real choice here.  If you are prone to cramps or shin splints the over-the-calf option may be best option for you.

MudGear Obstacle Race Compression Socks


“I was skeptical but can say that they’re made with OCR racers in mind. They drained perfectly. They were padded in the right areas for obstacles like ropes and others” -Jason

“The compression was nice. The run was 5 1/2 miles long and the slight problems I’d been having with a calf muscle did not crop up. After 5 1/2 miles running in wet shoes and these socks I had no blisters or hot spots. That makes them worth every penny by itself.”
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Happy Running!