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11201834_10205797609172744_5185639613174146383_nWelcome to fUnleashed.com, I’m Tim Keaty and the pretty redhead is my wife Angie.

After 20 years of marriage, raising 2 children and acting like adults we are rediscovering our sense of adventure and curiosity. Learning the art of a quick weekend getaway and finding a cure for the rainy-day blues has become our passion.11698588_10205979559001376_6031772018377803435_n

Between my full-time job and side gigs as a film set designer and Angie’s work  with her non-profit organization Battlefield Addiction, finding the time for a day trip to see a beautiful view or a unique coffee shop has become a necessary factor in living a full life.

11221897_10206445673693952_6356918884086723923_nBreaking away from the daily routine and getting fUnleashed is our new way of life!


What do you do to get fUNLEASHED?

We would love to hear about your great ideas! E-mail us at support@funleashed.com


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